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Fuck Yeah Hiddlesworth!

Fuck Yeah Hiddlesworth!

Fuck Yeah Hiddlesworth!

Welcome to FYeahHiddlesworth - Your newest source for the fantastic duo, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston. I'll be posting anything and everything that appeals to me related to either Tom and/or Chris here, and I must warn you, I'm quite fond of NSFW content, and post quite a bit on ocassion, so if that's not your thing I wouldn't follow me or ignore it :D. (More?)

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    Be brave! Be brave!

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    2-3/30 pictures of Capt. Nicholls

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  6. ‘The camera’s going to move across your face, but I don’t want you to do shock, or surprise, or fear, or terror. […] So the top pf the shot, give me your war face, the face you’ve been doing all day. You’re winning. You’re triumphant. You#re a noble officer and it’s all going well. And I’m going to say ‘guns’. And when you hear me say ‘guns’ the camera will shuffle and I want you to de-age yourself by 20 years. So you’re 29 and then you’re 9. Strip away the man and show me the boy.’

    - Tom Hiddleston on Steven Spielberg’s instructions

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  9. Tom Hiddleston on War Horse (2011)

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