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Fuck Yeah Hiddlesworth!

Fuck Yeah Hiddlesworth!

Fuck Yeah Hiddlesworth!

Welcome to FYeahHiddlesworth - Your newest source for the fantastic duo, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston. I'll be posting anything and everything that appeals to me related to either Tom and/or Chris here, and I must warn you, I'm quite fond of NSFW content, and post quite a bit on ocassion, so if that's not your thing I wouldn't follow me or ignore it :D. (More?)

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  2. toomanylokifeels:


    More info:

    If you’d like to know more about LGBTQ rights activist groups/people in Uganda, I recommend looking up SMUG (Sexual Minorities Uganda), David Kato, Frank Mugisha and Pastor Joseph Tolton. Samuel L. Jackson spoke briefly about Mugisha and efforts to end the anti-homosexuality bill in Uganda when he recently hosted the BET awards~

    Sadly, Kato was murdered about a year ago. He was an outed gay rights activist who worked tirelessly to see an end to the anti-homosexuality bill that was being proposed and help sexual minorities in Uganda through SMUG. Unfortunately a lot of anti-gay sentiment spread due to colonization and religious extremism, as well as misconceptions about HIV which has lead to extreme persecution of sexual minorities in Uganda.

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  4. [Day 24] LGBTQA Support/Understanding 30 Day Challenge


    Day 24: What are your thoughts on homophobia? Is it really a phobia or an excuse to spread hatred. 

    Well I think for most people the hate stems from the fear although they would not admit the root is fear towards the LGBTQA community and the unknown. They hate the LGBTQA community because they dont understand and either are incapable because of their biggoted views or just don’t want to try to understand. 

    But then there are those who start out homophobic and cruel about it but once educated can turn around a bit and see that perhaps the way they were thinking towards people in the community was wrong and hateful. I know a few people who were like that, constantly calling gay people ‘faggot’ and ‘fag’ and cringing when they would walk by holding hands or if they kissed in front of them, but since they are my friend I made it known of my sexuality and answered any questions they had on the subject: about how it’s nto a choice, and love is something everyone should be able to experience, and how would you like it if you walked by with your partner and people cringed and made derogatory comments to you? It’s definitely helped. They still are a little cringy about it at times, but I think they are starting to understand and at least stopped using the words ‘faggot’ and ‘fag’ in reference. So that’s a start eh?

    Some people say that being gay is unnatural and I somewhat agree. If you are put on this earth a heterosexual being, then yes, being homosexual or anything other is unnatural to you because that’s not how you are, however, there are those like me who weren’t created heterosexual and to those people (namely homosexuals) being hetero. is whats unnatural. Just because the majority is straight does not mean that it is right to be that way and wrong to be anything other. Just like because there are more white people around than black that one is better because they are white. Segregation is absolutely ridiculous, just as is homophobia, and hopefully a few years from now people will be able to see that and look back to realize how shameful such behaviour towards the LGBTQA was.

    day 24

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  6. [Day 23] LGBTQA Support/Understanding 30 Day Challenge


    Day 23: If there was a gay gene, and it was detectable early in pregnancy, would you abort your child knowing this ahead of time? Explain your answer.

    No, I wouldn’t, because there’s nothing wrong w/ being gay and that would be changing who my child is in a way. As long as it’s not life-threatening (which being gay can be I suppose, but it’s not being gay so much that’s the issue, it’s the idiots around that person that drive them to take their lives) then I would never use a drug to make my kid not gay if there were such a thing, nor would i ever abort a child for being gay.

    On the other hand, on the for side as opposed to being against it above, I know how hard it is for some to be gay and a part of the LGBTQA and all I would want is to protect my child and keep them safe. So I can see why some parents would abort if that’s their reasoning because the world is cruel and all, but I would not do it. I’d protect that child with my life, and if anyone tried to mess with my baby because he/she is different they’d deff. have to deal with mamma bear!

    May be easier to be heterosexual, but doesn’t mean it’s the only way to go or normal or right, and so if my child were gay and it was detectable before birth, during pregnancy, that wouldn’t change a thing, I would still love that child unconditionally.

    day 23

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  8. [Day 22] LGBTQA Support/Understanding 30 Day Challenge



    Day 22: Do you know anyone of the LGBTQA community, and has your views/feelings towards that person changed for the better or worse since your discovery that they are of the LGBTQA community?

    Uh ..yeah - me! And my thoughts aren’t that much different. Still think I’m a piece of crap as I always was.

    But I knew I was bi. since age 12, and it never caused me any grief, or negatively affected me in any way, so yeah ..that thought pattern didn’t change. I still know sexuality to be out of our control, as is who you fall in love with, and if only I can say this for one thing about myself, I’ll never be ashamed of being anything other than hetero.

    I’ll always be supportive of anyone/everyone of the LGBTQA who chooses to confide in me, and they should they know they can talk to me about anything. :)

    day 22

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  10. Can you guys do me a favour and follow my new blog: LuvLoveLurv


    Dedicated to love in all forms, regardless of sex, race, or orientation. Love is Love.

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