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Fuck Yeah Hiddlesworth!

Fuck Yeah Hiddlesworth!

Fuck Yeah Hiddlesworth!

Welcome to FYeahHiddlesworth - Your newest source for the fantastic duo, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston. I'll be posting anything and everything that appeals to me related to either Tom and/or Chris here, and I must warn you, I'm quite fond of NSFW content, and post quite a bit on ocassion, so if that's not your thing I wouldn't follow me or ignore it :D. (More?)

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  1. prettylittletmi:

    Would you rather have Tony Stark’s mustache or Thor’s abs?

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    #everyone is all over hiddleston for this scene but can we appreciate how great evans was at imitating his mannerisms?

    Evans was so good that we forgot it wasn’t Hiddleston playing Loki pretending to be Steve.

    The entire scene is magnificent

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  8. Chris Hemsworth at the Wizard World Sacramento Comic Con 2014

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  10. Meryl Streep on working with Chris and Liam Hemsworth

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