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Fuck Yeah Hiddlesworth!

Fuck Yeah Hiddlesworth!

Fuck Yeah Hiddlesworth!

Welcome to FYeahHiddlesworth - Your newest source for the fantastic duo, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston. I'll be posting anything and everything that appeals to me related to either Tom and/or Chris here, and I must warn you, I'm quite fond of NSFW content, and post quite a bit on ocassion, so if that's not your thing I wouldn't follow me or ignore it :D. (More?)

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    02.27.2014 (6:13 PM)
  2. where is all the love—love you never even knew you were capable of—supposed to go?

    —Ted Michael, Crash Test Love (2010)

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  3. 02.13.2014 (11:29 AM)
  4. Touchdown to reality
    It’s not exactly what you had in mind
    Brother, brother
    Was it only a matter of time?

    Maybe you’ve gotta let it be
    Maybe time will tell, maybe you will see,
    Brother, brother
    You really shouldn’t take it too hard.

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  5. 12.10.2013 (10:59 PM)
  6. asgard-dreaming:



    sometimes hogun

    You forgot to mention crazed mad scientists who run nude at Stonehenge.

    This is actually an extremely accurate representation of the movie

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  8. when he smiles it’s all okay

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  10. lokisweets:

    this is the only thing i thought of when i saw Chris’ face

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    09.19.2013 (2:00 PM)